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Is AI a Security Concern?

As we push towards the AI running more and more of our lives what is it going to mean in terms of our security. Will data collected by AI be safe? Can it be used by AI against us? Or worse, will the data gathered by available other bad actors (humans) intent on finding new avenues by which to scam victims?

Microsoft, Google, Meta and others make claims of data privacy and protection. Security researchers are also going on the record to say 'watch out'. I think the reality will be somewhere in the middle, and as controlled by just how much you choose to share or not share with AI.

Microsoft's new Copilot+ designation for hardware with Copilot built in arrives at your door with all the fun features turned off by default. But you can bet that during the first five minutes of setup you will see prompts to open the flood gates and allow Copilot to run the show.

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